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The most complete human development platform that offers the DISC behavioral profile with the possibility of providing 360º feedback to identify the perception of others about you. Your leadership style, the career compatibility map, among other powerful information.

In addition to DISC research, the Result-System platform offers several other tools that can assist you in your development process and in your customers' development processes.

We offer an exclusive module to carry out the most assertive selection processes, where you can map the profile of the desired position and compare it with the profile of the candidates.

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Manage customers

Manage your customers and followers

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Meet the Result-System Platform

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Selective process

See the results that a selection process can bring

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Selective process

See the results that a selection process can bring

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Selective process

You can create and carry out a Selection Process in just 4 steps to find the talents you need.

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First step:

Mapping the vacancy with the desired behaviors for the vacancy.

According to the characteristics of each vacancy, define the intensity of each behavior you are looking for based on the DISC theory.

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Second step:

After defining the skills and behaviors expected for the vacancy, save the profile mapped to the vacancy. In the example, the mapped profile is Stable Influent. Share the link so that candidates can participate in the selection process.


Third step:

After candidates have completed the DISC survey, the platform will present the ranking of candidates who have the highest adherence to the vacancy.

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Fourth step:

After ranking and defining the candidate who will go to the interview phase, you will be able to access a comparative mapping report for your interview. It is a complete report with very important information for your interview and development after hiring.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The platform was validated with 96.1% accuracy by the Federal University of Paraná - UFPR through a master's thesis that had its scientific methodology and content analyzed and was accepted by the scientific committee of the University of Medicine of HARVARD to be presented at “Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare 2019” conference held in October 2019 in the city of Boston - USA

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