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Sat, Feb 27


Online Training


A day of learning about various Behavioral Assessments. How to apply and how to develop people and teams.

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Feb 27, 2021, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Online Training


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Immersion in Assessments

Do you want to transform your development processes?

A training day with 8 hours of content on various assessments and behavioral research.

Watch the video:

Assessment in career development

ASSESSMENT Day Training is the event that will transform the way you map behaviors in your clients' careers, leadership and business. Exceed expectations, identify the true trends and patterns that prevent them from growing, gain assertiveness, self-confidence and enhance your results to gain even more credibility and effectiveness in your development programs.

February 27, 2021 , 8 hours of intense training and practical experience of the power of assessments to gain the necessary confidence and prepare to apply incredible development programs.

You will learn in practice to apply assessments that will multiply your results with customers.

Learn to use Assessments

We will explain to you how each assessment works and how you can apply it to your development programs.

You will know when to insert assessments in your programs with clients, team members, students, coachees and mentors.

There will be 8 hours of theoretical and practical immersion on 5 powerful Assessments.

All content will be worked in a light and natural way, so that students learn in practice, overcome the fear of applying the tools and the difficulty in starting a development process based on assessments.

Meet the Behavioral Patterns

The entire development of the immersion will be based on material and supporting literature that will be made available digitally to our students.

You will learn the details about the 5 Assessments, their origins, studies that support them, supporting literature, and step by step on how to apply the assessments presented.

At the end of the immersion, you will receive a certificate of participation and a kit with all its contents and reports of the assessments learned in the Assessment Day Training.

You will have access to 5 behavioral research for your self-development during the event.


  1. Personal Forces
  2. Valuation Language
  3. Anchors and Careers
  4. Time Tetrad
  5. Index of positivity and well-being

Leverage your programs

Assessments are fundamental tools to develop relational skills, promote a collaborative environment, offer the necessary motivation, create conscious management and engage teams, as long as they are applied at the right time and in the right way.

For those working with human development, assessments are no longer optional, they are a reality and a necessity

which has become part of the process that seeks to be successful.

How can Assessment Day help you?


The more you look inside, the more you organize yourself outside.

Assessments will give that clearer and deeper look at your own standards, so that you can then understand how to apply the tool.


Learn how to apply assessments to develop your employees, customers and students with clear and precise guidelines.


Knowledge of 5 powerful and recognized assessments that can be applied in people and business development programs.


How to Apply Behavioral Assessments

Access and knowledge to apply various assessments that can help in your service delivery processes with customers, employees, leaders or students.

How to make your programs powerful with assessments

Identify and better understand the behavioral patterns that move people through their choices and preferences.

Your behavior patterns

You will have a more in-depth process based on behavioral surveys of your preferences.

Assertiveness about people's behavior

Qualify and have assertive responses through ASSESSMENTS. Behavior is not guesswork, there is knowledge, tools and methods to be mapped.


Module 01:

Personal and business development with assessments.

Module 02:

Personal Forces Assessment

Indicated to identify the strengths and virtues of a person, based on the theory of positive psychology.

Module 03:

Assessment Language of Appreciation

Indicated to identify which are the languages of personal and professional recognition of people. What stimuli motivate them and create real connections.

Module 04:

Career Anchors Assessment

Indicated to identify which are the predominant career anchors of a person. What are the criteria for your professional choices and your true professional preferences.

Module 05:

Time Tetrad Assessment

Indicated to identify how people manage their time, if they really have focus and productivity in their actions.

Module 06:

Assessment Positivity and Well-Being

Indicated to identify how well and positive a person feels at that moment, if he is more balanced and available for development.

Module 06:

PDI - Individual Development Plan

Indicated to develop a structured plan for customer development and growth.

Module 07:

Step by step on how to apply all these research and behavioral tools in your development processes.


Live and online immersion:

The Assessment Day Trayning will take place on 02/27/2021 live on the Zoom platform starting at 7 am and ending at 4 pm.

Application of individual Assessments

All assessments will be applied to students to learn in practice how to use behavioral research. At the end of the immersion, everyone will have access to all their research.

Full online support after training:

After immersion, the use of assessments tools is supported when requested for application to clients.



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